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Tips for Making Hockey Kids’ Jerseys Last Longer

Kids, like doggies, grow up. They can’t stay tiny and cute forever. While growth is an inevitable part of life so are the rising costs associated with keeping up with it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to stretch your hockey fans budget as your kids grow up at an astonishing rate.

Here are some budget hacks to save your money when it comes to outfitting your kids:

1. Get hockey jerseys that last longer

Your kids don’t just grow out of their hockey jerseys. They also wear them away before they grow out of them. Choosing durable fabrics is one way of getting hockey jerseys that last longer. That’s one option. Another one is to get seamless jerseys. Socks, for example, get shredded because of the wear and tear on the seams. Seamless socks for kids fit around small feet like a cocoon.

2. Get hockey jerseys that stretch

Waistbands that adjust allow room for growth. This gives you a little more time before your kids grow a few inches taller.

3. Protect hockey jerseys better

When children spill food on their hockey jerseys, the stains can be hard to remove. One way to reduce the damage is to have your children wear their dressing gowns over their school clothes during breakfast. It not only keeps them warm, but it also saves their hockey jerseys from little mishaps. Another strategy is to sort your kids’ hockey jerseys into two groups: those that they should wear when playing over the weekends and those reserved for regular occasions.

4. Try laundry hacks

Youth hockey jerseys can be protected by choosing less abrasive detergents in your washing machine. Also, cold washes not only save on your utility bill but they also stress the fabric less. When drying, you should make sure that you are using the right heat setting.

5. Repair more often

Many times hockey jerseys are tossed because they are missing a button or have a small tear. There are many nifty seamstress tricks you could use to save clothes, giving them a new run of life. Besides repairing hockey jerseys, you can extend their life by repurposing. offers this excellent suggestion on how to repurpose hockey uniforms:

6. Avoid favoritism

Your kids will prefer some hockey jerseys over others for some arbitrary reason. By rotating hockey jerseys, you will make all the hockey uniforms last longer. In addition, you won’t have cheap hockey jerseys that never get worn because nobody ever notices them at the back of the closet.

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